Fuel Options

Refueling options for the ultimate in convenience & choice


When you hire with Budget, we always ensure you have a full tank of fuel to begin your rental. However, we appreciate some customers may wish to return their vehicle full, whereas others may want to avoid the hassle of refueling altogether.


That's why Budget offer a range of fuel options, allowing you to select the best one for your personal circumstances. We have selected 4 key questions to keep the information simple and succinct. We understand car rental can be difficult and it's our goal to change this by making all our products and services transparent for our customers.


What do you mean by Fuel Options?

Budget have taken the hassle out of refueling your rental vehicle by offering four simple ways to fill your car.


How can I purchase Fuel with Budget?

When you collect your vehicle, the Rental Sales Agent will explain the fuel options available to you and arrange the option which best suits your requirements. You will be asked to select from one of the below options:


Fuel Up Front

This option lets you purchase a full tank of fuel at the beginning of your car rental, allowing you to return the vehicle empty.  We offer the market-average pump price.


Pay On Return

If you do not take Fuel Up Front, and later find you haven't got time to refuel your vehicle at the end of your rental, we will refill the tank when you return. Please be aware a service charge will apply on top of the basic cost of the fuel itself.


Bring Back Full

Budget will supply you with a full tank of fuel at the beginning of your rental. You will then be expected to return the vehicle with a full tank. Any missing fuel will be charged on the Pay On Return basis outlined above.


How much is each Fuel Option?

Fuel Up Front

By purchasing in advance, fuel will be charged at market-average pump price.


Pay On Return

You will be charged for any fuel required in order to return the tank to full. Price includes a re-fueling service charge but you will only pay for the liters of fuel you use. Check with a member of staff when collecting your hire car to confirm what the charges will be.


Bring Back Full

No charge will apply.


Where are these Fuel Options available?

The fuel options above are available at all Budget station across the TH. Fuel prices will vary from month to month.